Announcement:   The NSA NCAE-C Program Awards $150,000 ‘Cybersecurity Training Effectiveness’ Research Grant to Howard University   (September 2020)

Howard University has been awarded a $150,000 grant under the Cybersecurity Education Diversity Initiative (CEDI) to research ‘Cybersecurity Training Effectiveness in Underserved Communities’ .  The following objectives, approach and expected outcomes will apply to this grant: 

    • Research Objectives:  Analyze the educational impact of traditional and non-traditional cybersecurity learning activities and approaches needed to prepare diverse community members for an entry level cybersecurity position (or feeder position). 
    • Research Approach:  Use a holistic approach to identify and evaluate a diverse community’s student needs, training gaps, and training options through surveys, industry research, market analysis, focused interviews, and sample pilot testing.
    • Expected Outcomes: Identify ‘best practice’ recommendations and options for engaging, supporting and training cybersecurity students from diverse communities. 

The grant will run from September 2020 to September 2022 and be managed jointly by the following team:

    • Co-Principal Investigators (PIs):
      • Dr Rajni Goel, PhD    – School of Business
      • Dr Danda Rawat, PhD – College of Engineering
    • Program Manager:  Tbd  
    • Director: Ms Pamela Clarke   – Research Office

Contact for more information on this grant.