Core Curriculum

The following courses are required to complete the concentration or certificate programs (as of 4q21). Consult with the department chair for the official course requirements.

HUSB Cybersecurity Concentration

The HU CERC undergraduate curriculum and programs combines instruction from the following courses:

Info 391 – Introduction to Information Security 

Description: This course will provide a comprehensive introduction and study into a broad selection of contemporary information systems security issues, concepts and policies, including the survey of state-of-the art technology used to address security problems. Topics of study include core security mechanisms of access control and integrity, basic cryptography techniques, assurance, authentication, digital signatures, disaster recovery, business continuity, risk management, and database security mechanisms.

Info 395 – Information Assurance

Description: A comprehensive, in depth study of the legal and ethical issues in computer security, as well as privacy laws and issues and strategies available to an enterprise is provided in this course.  Federal, State and local codes and regulations and how they influence an enterprises security policy relating to information assurance program development and implementation are discussed. Enterprise security policy development, planning and implementing possible incident responses and recovery; enterprise data security; information assurance; security risk analysis; business continuity are discussed. 

Info 393 – Internet / Network Security

Description: In this course, student will learn the fundamental principles of internet and network security by studying features on computer systems, network, and the Cloud. Students will learn how those features work and how to use them. The course emphasizes “learning by doing”, and requires students to conduct a series of lab exercises. Through these labs, students can enhance their understanding of the features, and be able to apply those features to solve real problems..

Electives (Pick one)

Info 384 – Business Data Analytics

Info 397 – Capstone Immersive Lab