The best way to learn cybersecrity skills is through hands-on exercises and challenges. The Cyber Center uses the following online challenges to practice basic cyber security testing skills.

This free portal will help develop your cyber skills by offering with a broad set of progressively more challenging exercises. The picoCTF includes its own shell (Linux window) so additional software is note required. The following domain areas are covered:

Use this suite of free Wargames to help to develop your hands-on cybersecurity skills. The following list is the recommended order of play. Exercises get progressively more challenging as you advance. If you get stuck, search the web for overthewire solution write-ups:

  1. Bandit: will help you learn about Linux access, file management, regex matching, and permission.
  2. Leviathan: you will not be so lucky to have hints. use whatever you have learnt in bandit
  3. Natas: Will introduce you to web security basics(this is not an advanced one but if you are a beginner it is good)
  4. Krypton: Field of cryptography(very basic but you are gonna have some idea and here increases usage of python)
  5. Narnia: start of binary exploitation(goes above my head but i am gonna give it a try again)

National Cyber League (NCL):

Use the NCL Gymnasium and regular season challenges to develop skills in the following domain areas. This tools is available during the spring and fall competition windows only. Access to standard cyber tools (i.e., Kali Linux) is required;

  1. Open Source Intelligence
  2. Linux Command Line
  3. Cryptography
  4. Password Cracking
  5. Scanning
  6. Web Exploitation
  7. Traffic Analysis
  8. Log Analysis
  9. Wireless Security
  10. ) Enumeration & Exploitation (Reverse Engineering)

Other Challenges: