Key Concepts:

  • BASH – Unix/Linux  command processor that typically runs in a text window where the user types commands that cause actions. 
  • BASH Scripting (aka shell scripts)  –
  • Binary / Executables
  • Source Code
  • GIT
  • Enumeration / Reverse Engineering

Investigation Steps:

  • identify program files (executable files) in a file systems (e.g.   file <file_name> )h
  • search programs (executable files) for visible strings of characters ( e.g.  strings <file_name> ) gain authority to execute a program in linux (e.g.,   chmod u+x <file_name>
  • execute a program in linux (e.g.,   ./<program_name>
  • enumerate (display) a program file   ( see gdb command) 
  • understand some very basic programming constructs and components (e.g.,  if/then statements, loops, etc.) 
  • read very simple code and understand in general what the code is trying to do.(This section is under construction)