Guest Speakers Series / Cyber Wednesday MeetUps 

The CERC host a series of open presentations, workshops, and round tables for our community with influencial thought leaders and practitioners. These sessions are open to all students, faculty, and community members at no costs and will be publicized on our Social Media channels and on MeetUp.  Its a greal opportunity to learn, network, and giveback !

Current schedule of activities 

Cyber Security Curriculum 

The CERC develops and deliver an advanced undergraduate Cyber Security curriculum to our students with cross disciplinary content, guest lecturers, hands-on training and industry practitioner participation. 

Current curriculum 

Research and Publications

The CERC is working with our faculty,  students, and industry partners to identify, conduct, and deliver forward thinking research in the field of Cyber Security. The CERC will share findings at workshops, industry conferences, and within publications.    

CERC Research and Publications

CyberDay Conference

The CERC hosts an annual Cyber Day to bring influencial thought leaders together with our cyber security community for a series of presentations, panels, and workshops.  CyberDay is  open to the entire student body, faculty, community members,  and industry partners.  Its a great opportunity to learn, network, and share with colleagues !     

Partnerships / Internships / Advisory Committee

The CERC is engaged with our industry partners on pursuing research projects, engaging students in internships and site visits, and providing corporate trainging support.  The CERC has formed an Advisory committee made up of faculty, industry, and government leaders to review, guide, and advise the center on programs, activities, and strategies. 

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Advisory Committee Members  

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