The Cyber Lab is located in Room 426 of the School of Business (2600 6th St NW, Washington DC 20059) to provide students, faculty and staff with the tools, technologies, and support needed for hands-on cyber security education and institutional research. 

Lab Goals:

The initial lab will support the National Cyber League (NCL), picoCTF and OvertheWire.og online competitions. The following goals are being used to guide the design and setup of Lab resources:

  • Realistic – Provide a cost effective, hands-on experience that is similar to the real world
  • Flexible – Harware independent solutions that can support multiple platforms from multiple vendors.
  • Scalable – Utilize resources that are capable of supporting many students concurrently
  • Robust – Quick recovery from inadvertent damage by using baseline configurations and automated back-ups (where possible)
  • Insulated: Activities should not effect the organization’s network

Supported Technologies

  • Cloud Based Servers and Network services
  • Open Cyber Source Tools
  • Collaboration tools and knowledge repository

Visit the Lab Hardware and Software Resources Page for more information on the Lab configuration.

Use Guidelines

 The Cyber Lab is managed in accordance with Howard University’s ETS guidelines and the governing industry codes of ethics to ensure no harm is done to real users, systems, or data.  The following personnel can use the lab:  

  • Currently enrolled and validated Howard University students
  • Faculty and staff currently employed by HU.
  • Children are not allowed access into any of the Cyber Lab facilities.

Reference Materials