The Howard University Cyber Security Education & Research Center (aka ‘HU Business Cyber Center’) is a strategic interdisciplinary ecosystem involving academic-public-private partnerships to create awareness, train practitioners, and develop cybersecurity professionals.  With initial seed support from Enlightened, Inc. and additional funding from private firms such as Lockheed Martin and Ingersoll Rand, the CERC is developing a new pipeline of professionals and establishing an innovative research hub to address the growing need for forward-thinking solutions in cyber security.

Focus Areas

The HU Business Cyber Center is focused on three key areas;

  1. Supporting workforce development through hands-on training, certification programs, and student engagements with industry partners  
  2. Conducting research and working directly with partners to address cyber security challenges
  3. Developing cyber security awareness and leadership through executive training programs

Current Status

The center has hosted multiple events engaging students, professionals and the community.  A hands-on CERC lab is in development and the center is planning to sponsor cyber security research for undergraduate students, scholarships, and monthly Cyber-Wednesday seminars and events.   The CERC is part of the HU School of Business under Dean Harvey. The CERC’s Research Director is Dr. Rajni Goel and the Program Manager is Robert Burke (see meet the team below).  

Meet the Team