January:Date / Location
Cyber Student Sping Survey (online)
Cyber Lab Kickoff * – Cyber Competition Lessons Learned, picoCTF  Jan 17th (11-1pm)    Rm 426
Cyber Lab –  Basic Linux and Crypto (picoCTF & OverTheWire)Jan 22nd (2-4pm)     
Cyber Lab – Basic Linux and Crypto ( picoCTF & OverTheWire ) Jan 24th  (11am – 1pm)  Rm 426    
HU Blacks In Cybersecurity (BIC) Cyber Club – Interest Mtg Jan 27th @5:30pm   
Cyber Lab – Personal Lab with Kali Linux   (picoCTF, NCL Lab)Jan 29th  (2-4pm)  Rm 426
Lockheed Martin Supplier Cybersecurity Academy Jan 31st   @11:30am   rm 218
  Blacks-in-Cybersecurity (BIC) Winter Summit Feb 1st   12pm Marymount Univ
  Cyber Lab – Basic Web Exploits & Log Analysis  (picoCTF, NCL Gym)Feb 5th    Rm 426
  Supply Chain Management – Cisco Cyber Security workshop Feb 12th     HUSB
  Cyber Lab – Enumeration & Exploit ( picoCTF , OverTheWire, NCL Gym)Feb 12th    Rm 426
  Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) Conference Feb 13th   Wardman Park Hotel 
  Cyber Lab  – PW Cracking , Log Analysis, Prep for PWC CTFFeb 19th   Rm 426
  PWC CTF   (Capture the Flag Competition)Feb 22nd Rm 426
  Cyber Lab –  TBD (PW Cracking, Enumeration, Traffic Analysis)  Feb 26th   Rm 426


  •   Cyber Lab Hrs – PW Cracking, Enumeration & Exploitation                   Mar 4th   Rm 426
  •   Cyber Lab Hrs –  Traffic Analysis, Wireless Exploits                                                   Mar 11th  Rm 426
  •   Cyber Lab –  ‘TBD’                                                                                                       Mar 18th  Rm 426 
  •   National Cyber League (NCL) Spring Competition – Pre-season:                    Mar 23 – Mar 30


  • NCL Spring Competition – Individual Game                                                 Apr 3 – Apr 5th
  • NCL Spring Competition –  Team Game                                                    Apr 17th